My Frozen Family

Hello! Let me introduce you to my little frozen family on the prairie!

Me. Mama Kate. 33. Single, stubborn, slightly-crazy mother of three awesome kids. I grew up in Montana, left briefly for a stint in college to ‘find myself’ and came back to my roots to find my children. I am an atheist, but I believe in the power of love and willpower. I believe in magic and miracles and the mysteries of science. I believe in shaping your own destiny. I wanted to be a foster parent and an adoptive parent as far back as I can remember, and though it’s been a rough ride, I’ve accomplished that dream threefold. I’ve walked paths far less traveled by than the average person, and as the poem says, that has indeed made all the difference.




Big Girl. My oldest. She joined our family at age six along with her sister, Little Bit. They were only supposed to stay a couple months, but destiny had other plans. Beautiful and a touch shy. Loves her mama and sometimes her siblings, animals and music, art and movies and all things outdoors. Big Girl is nine, and will be ten before the year is through. She’s beginning to grow from a child into the barest outline of the young woman she will one day be, and it terrifies and awes us both. She will begin grade 4 this July and will be homeschooled to assist with trauma-related delays and her emotional needs both.







The Boy. My middle child, age eight. He came to me most recently, joining our family in February of 2014 as an adoptive placement. He’s my only boy, and the only child I brought into my home with the expectation that he would stay forever. He’s handsome and sweet, charming and hilarious. He loves people and books and riding his bike. He loves his mama and he’s not afraid to say so. Adults everywhere find him the most funny, adorkable little boy they’ve ever met. Despite delays related to severe trauma, he’s catching up to his peers and doing great in public school, where he will remain for third grade next year.







‘Little Bit. She’s the baby of the family, at six-almost-seven years of age. She came to me at three, and she remembers very little of her previous families. She’s absolutely fearless, much to Mama’s dismay and delight both. She loves nature – animals, plants AND bugs – and all things athletic. She has an insatiable curiosity about everything. She’s my wild child, headstrong and spirited. She was the youngest in her class at school, barely making the age cutoff for kindergarden when she started. She has a love/hate relationship with school, and will continue with public school this upcoming year in second grade.

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