Anxiety Overload – Or, The Winter Disappeared


I have anxiety issues. It runs in the family. Both sides. I have it baaad. It pretty much knocked me out for the entire winter, thus far. I functioned… but I did not thrive. I’m pretty sure my anxiety was only exacerbated by seasonal affective disorder, the good ol’ wintertime blues, social isolation, and such a complete lack of money that I haven’t actually been grocery shopping in two months, and I was very down on my pantry stores before that. Let’s just say we’ve been on a rice and beans diet, folks. Luckily, my kids like both!

In any case, I’ve begun a part time job to relieve the financial strain, and the weather has been so blessedly beautiful it’s unreal (it’s NEVER 50 degrees and sunny and lovely in northern Montana in February!), and I’m starting to get spring fever. Life is returning once again to my little brain, though I’m just waiting for that proverbial shoe to fall and dump four feet of snow and -50 degree weather on us in March.

Schooling? It’s going well, actually! We’re still on schedule, and though I’ve dumped the geography curriculum that was taking too much time, and have modified things here and there, we’re doing awesome! Planning next year already. We’ve breezed though Write With Ease 1 and have moved onto Write With Ease 2. Between that and English Lessons Through Language (which we’ll be finishing this week), I’ve seen a marked improvement in Big Girl’s capacity to process language in her mind. Her reading skills have improved as well. CTC Math was fun – but Anna needs more hands on, so we’ve begun working out of Math Mammoth 3 to solidify her skills instead.

My youngest is requesting to be homeschooled next year, also, which makes me a happy mama. My own dear mother, supportive as she is, thinks it’d be a terrible idea, but I’m all for it.

I’ve taken up moleskine journaling again. Today, they call it bullet journaling, but back in the old school days, it was just ‘hacking’ your ‘moleskine’. I used to use the small 3×5 Moleskines, but I’m rather into the space the larger 5×8 ones provide now, and I’ve added some of the newer hacks that some of the lovely folks in the bujo community have created. I just set up March’s pages last night at work, and I’m ready for a new month!



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