October Reading

That’s my library stack for the month (so far).

Tiny Town has a library. It’s not the world’s greatest library by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s got a large children’s section. Okay, half the library is children’s books. The other half is adult fiction. And there’s like, a shelf of movies. And a couple shelves of (mostly ancient) nonfiction.

This saddens me, because nonfiction is my main reading staple these days. I used to read more like 85% fiction, but I just don’t have the time to delve into a great plot. I read mostly in small snatches these days – on the toilet, or a few minutes here and there – and I just struggle with that when it comes to fiction. Either the book is too good and I wind up raging at every interruption that comes along until it’s over several long hours later (watch out kids, Mama’s got her hands on a mystery!) or it’s… well, not good enough, and I set it down and never pick it up again.

Most of the nonfiction I read doesn’t have the same ‘gripping’ power, and I can set it down without getting too peeved and still want to pick it up later to finish. So that’s what I try to read. That, and children’s books. I’m often previewing them for read-alouds or assigned reading or whatever. Children’s fiction is much quicker to read through on average, and I can find an hour or two to finish a book.

That said, there’s a couple doozies on this month’s library picks. I found two interesting titles there in the nonfiction section, also, but it’s already a struggle, only six months in town, to find decent nonfiction for myself to devour. Good thing I have Oyster and Kindle Unlimited!

The kids get to pick out a stack of library books every other week or so. I’d love to brag about how they read them all, but let me keep it real for you – they totally don’t. I’m just happy they like to look at them. Small steps, right?

On the homeschooling front, this month we’ve got the following scheduled:


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