Meals – Week of Oct. 4

Menu planning has long held appeal and practical wisdom for me, and is a massive help even if I don’t always follow it exactly. I have spent much of this school year so far ‘off’ my plans, and it really impacted my ability to have decent meals on the table without drama and last ditch ramen noodles.

So here we go again! I planned mostly dinners, except for weekends, which get a lunch as well. For breakfast, I make the kids to go out and forage and hunt for roots and berries and small mammals like rabbits to remind them of how their ancestors lived.

Kidding. I’m mean, but I’m not quite that mean. Yet. But breakfasts around here are unstructured. During the week, the two public school kids get breakfast there, and Big Girl gets oatmeal or muffins or yogurt or whatever we find. On weekends, I’ll be honest – we tend to skip breakfast and do an early lunch-brunch, or the kids eat fruit.

On to the meals!

Sunday:  leftover 15 bean soup for lunch; pressure-cooker chicken, stuffing, and roasted cauliflower

Monday:  jambalaya with sausage

Tuesday:  chicken and cheese enchiladas + refried beans

Wednesday:  leftovers of whatever’s left… or ramen.

Thursday:  sesame noodles + egg rolls

Friday:  pancakes and eggs

Saturday:  sandwiches for lunch; fried catfish + rice for dinner

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