Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I’ve found that I’m easily twice as busy and overwhelmed as I ever was when I was working. Somehow, I feel like I do more and accomplish less than ever – and I don’t even get paid for it.

Since I’m homeschooling Big Girl, I’ve wanted to ensure she has opportunities to play with other kids here. The other two get some (although not a lot) of playtime at recess at school, Anna doesn’t get the same chance. I don’t buy into the theory that ‘socialization’ is best done at school, where you’re in class most of the time and unable to talk to one another anyway. But time with other children beyond one’s siblings is important.

And we are still fairly new to town. I have approximately ze-ro friends here, so I have no friends with kids that they can play with, and we have no cousins their age or nearby. So getting her involved in some outside-the-home activities seemed like a plan. In fact, it seemed like a great plan – for all three.

This is how I wound up enrolling the kids in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4H. Suddenly, I’m overbooked and have meetings and crap all over the place, and I don’t even know how it all happened.

Boy Scouts:  The Boy wanted to be involved. It sounds great on the surface. But there’s popcorn sales. And oh yeah, that whole… awkward bit about God, and how our beliefs about the divine and everyone else’s in town don’t exactly line up. Not sure yet, how this will go.

Girl Scouts:  Um, I like the program, although it’s a bit…. feely. So many feelings. So little “skills”. And we’re such a small town that the opportunities here… well, suck. There’s a couple Brownies. My youngest would be involved with that. Big Girl is supposed to be a Junior, but they don’t have any others. Or leaders, for that matter. And so… she’s gonna, um, just be an older Brownie. Which is fine because it’s not like she’s actually any more emotionally or academically mature than them, but what about next year?

4H:  Great program. Loads of fun things to learn. Wish it was a leeetle more diverse project types, but there’s a nice selection that should last. The Boy is signed up for two projects – cooking and robotics; Big Girl is signed up for – count ’em! – FIVE stinking projects, because I’m an idiot and allowed it; and Little Bit’s signed up for Cloverbuds, the “younger kids 4H” where they just play games and have fun exploring different things. Next year, she’ll be old enough for “real” 4H though.

And, in other, happier news, Youth Dynamics contacted us for The Boy, and we will hopefully get him some actual services again – like therapy, or mentoring, or both.

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