Break Week!

We’re heading into our second break/make-up week of the year this week. Term 2 wasn’t as spot on as we planned – in fact, it just kept getting less and less ‘on’ the more we went – so we’re using this week less as a break and more as a make-up week this time. We’ve got almost a full week of schoolwork to get through before Term 2’s goals are met.

Geography, a favorite of mine, has taken a slide in particular. I love the curriculum – Expedition Earth over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. But it’s all too much. And it’s starting to get repetative – because taking out all the time-consuming ‘fun’ things like the cooking dishes and building projects and such – means we’re left with only the ‘boring’ parts. Hmm.

So I’m trying to figure out, this week, before Term 3 starts, is how to fix that. How to keep going with it, without having to color another flag and make another pretend postcard and learn the exact same facts on each country.

I’m going to be reorganizing my school supplies and curriculum for the next term, also. The basket above is majorly cluttered and things barely fit into it, so I’ll have to fix that before the new term begins! Same goes for a couple other homeschool ‘hot spots’, including Big Girl’s basket.

In other news, it’s gonna be a chilly autumn week. Today started off foggy and damp, but it’s supposed to brighten up later. I’m suffering a wicked cold, and so is everyone else, so we’re drinking a lot of tea. Soon as I’m well enough to avoid sneezing all over everything, I’ll be making some elderberry syrup for the season and feeding it to all of us daily as a preventative measure.


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