3-2-1 Weekend!

2015-07-13 20.19.09

These days, weekends just aren’t what they used to be. In my old life as a 40-hour-a-week corporate drone, I relished weekends as a chance to sleep in. Hahaha. What a lie. I never got to sleep in, because my lovely children would be up at the crack of dawn careening down the halls at top speed, screaming, shouting, fighting, and completely destroying my intentions to catch up on a growing sleep debt. But at least I didn’t have to go to work. Instead, it was my chance to clean house, and do my grocery shopping, and attempt quality time with the kids, which never quite worked out, because the kids were off their schedule and no longer bound by school and daycare to ‘behave’.

These days, weekends are a much tamer (dare I say blander?) experience. Sometimes, I do sleep in, because the kids have learned over the summer to… gosh, sleep in a bit too?… and also to play with each other in a quieter way, because they’re now with each other and me 24/7. Still, on Saturdays and Sundays, we don’t have quite as intense of a school schedule, though I’ve learned by trial and error – mostly error – to keep the kids on /something/ of a routine or else it all explodes in my face.

The girls spend a lot of time at the pool on the weekends, and those are also our movie nights if we’re going to have one. The Boy spends a lot of time just… chillin’. Doing chores. Mowing the lawn and sweeping and cleaning and such. He’s a boy that likes to be busy doing useful things.

The Boy has made huge progress in his swimming skills this year. His fear of the water has lessened considerably, and he can even stick his face in the water now, albeit with dorky looking goggles.

2015-07-13 20.16.56

The girls have passed their swim tests to go freely in the deep end of the town pool, and are happy little mermaids every chance they get. They’re allowed to go to the pool on their own, but I have to go along with The Boy, whose social, um, boundaries are zilch, which leads him into sucking up the attention of any adult in reach, including the lifeguards and random people nearby, like some kind of attention vampire. So, to keep him on track and in the pool when he’s there, I have to be there. Considering that I get sick from being in the heat or the sun for longer than twenty or thirty minutes, this doesn’t happen all that often, sadly.

We’re busy learning learning here though. The kids have memorized several small poems and grammar definitions, counting by twos and threes, and have been studying all sorts of things, from plants to Canada to prehistoric people. To my surprise, working with all three kids has been great! So much so that I’m starting to more seriously consider homeschooling them all.

It’s a thought, anyway. Creeping around the back of my head. Just a thought for now… but one that’s poking at me here and there.

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