June Schedule

Our new schedule for June begins today! This month, we are doing a light summer schooling schedule, just to keep everyone from forgetting their ABCs. And everything else kids in lower elementary school are expected to learn.

We will be doing these things, with most of our schooling time taking place M-F in the mornings after I’ve managed to drag my lazy butt out of bed and downed at least part of a cup of tea:

  • CTC Math (a lesson a day, 5x/week)
  • Xtra Math (one round a day, 5x/week) (free!)
  • 30 minutes free reading (their choice books) (daily)
  • A mishmash reading combination made up of Reading Lessons Through Literature‘s phonograms & spelling lists, and Stairway to Reading‘s phonics-based reading program (free!) (5x/week)
  • Morning Memory Work (daily)
  • Family Read-Aloud (daily)
  • Piano practice (daily) and lessons (1x/week)
  • Nature walk/journaling (1x/week)
  • English Lessons from Literature – all except the narrations. (Why not narrations? We’ll be starting narrations in July with a different curriculum.)

We are also doing Tee-Ball weekly through the end of June, and will be starting swimming lessons as well! Most likely, the kids will be at the pool many afternoons getting their swim on, and we’ll fill in time with arts and crafts, reading good books, eating popsicles and ice cream cones, jumping on the trampoline, and maybe heading to the lake here and then for a few hours of fun.



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