AMAZING DEAL. and rain. and such.

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is providing 7 different summer trials of programs, with no debit/credit card required for any of them! This is enabling me to try out Discovery Education Streaming Plus (which so far, I love), myON (a reading program, so far, the kids like it!), and a couple others we haven’t had time to poke about in!

Unfortunately for me, I may find myself unable to live without some of these once the trial is over. (I’m looking at you, Discovery Education…)

It’s day 2 of our June schedule, and the kids are going batty because we are trapped inside thanks to rain, rain, rain. I dragged us all through morning work and a piano lesson for Big Girl, but I think the movie I just put on is really going to save the day.

We don’t watch tv or movies often, here. In fact, I don’t even have tv. We turn on a movie from netflix once or twice a week on Friday and Saturday nights, IF (and only if) the kids have been good enough to warrant one. I’m somewhat selective about what they watch, steering them toward Disney and ‘quality’ movies, instead of Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, Spongebob, and others. I’m not particular about ratings exactly – my kids are young enough that they generally are only watching G movies, some PG, and an occasional PG-13 Marvel superhero movie (because Mama’s a huge fan, yo!). I try, however, to avoid ‘junky’ shows. Their time is limited – they should spend it watching something memorable and smart, not just colorful and ‘popular’.

It’s 7pm now. I’ve been interrupted a dozen times, and had dinner. The Boy is currently playing computer games on ABCya, which Little Bit is taking a luxurious jacuzzi bath and marvelling at the bubbles. (It’s her first time. And she’s six.) And Big Girl has dug out markers and is making some sort of geometric design while she lines up a row of matchbox cars. No idea where she found those. I hadn’t thought we’d unpacked them yet.


The sun has finally come out. Tomorrow, if we’re lucky, the “city” (hahaha, town) pool will open for the summer, and it will be nice enough to go play!

I went outside and took a spring photo ‘survey’ of my landscaping. It’s my first spring here, so I don’t really know what all is planted. Some things I recognize, some things I don’t. Not everything is blooming yet, but here’s a preview of what is!


Okay, I planted these myself in a container. Bought them at the garden show here in town! But so pretty!



Some sort of columbine??



Bleeding Hearts!!! I was so excited to see these pop up!




These spongey pollen-filled things on this evergreen shrubby thing that I shamefully have no name for. These fascinate me for reasons I cannot explain. I flick them. I squeeze them. I smile at them…. My kids think I’m a bit touched.




This snowball bush! Or tree, really. It’s like ten feet tall.


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