Teeball Shenanigans

Our first tee-ball game was today! The kids donned their gold shirts, because they were on the gold team, which is approximately half of the whole team here. The other half donned blue shirts, and they played a match against each other, a real live game.

It was… um.


I could barely watch as my son, the totally uncoordinated, unathletic one, made ten billion attempts to hit the ball, and then trotted – trotted I tell you! – slowly on his tiptoes to the next base. (He got tagged out halfway there.) My daughters did slightly better.

They all had fun though, so that’s what counts. I was impressed, actually. They had a billion ‘coaches’ on the field with them telling them all what to do, which was so important, because these kids were all clueless. They’d watch with interest as the ball rolled by, then someone would eventually grab it, and then they would just hold onto it, having no idea what to do with it. The ones on base would run, sometimes, and sometimes not, and sometimes the wrong way, and OH MY GOSH I laughed so hard.

And cheered, of course. I’m not that bad.

It rained the entire time. So I didn’t take my phone out of my pocket to get pictures. Mostly, I didn’t stop holding my umbrella over our heads. (My mother was with me. Laughing also, I might add.)

In other news, I discovered a homeschooling family just up the street! They have four kids, and they mentioned several other families in town who are also homeschooling. Color me surprised. This entire county only has about 2000 people in it total, and to find five or six homeschooling families in it… well, I never imagined.

True, they are not secular homeschoolers, any of them, so I may still be something of an outsider, but that isn’t anything new!

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