The Return of Life

I left the Big City on Tuesday, March 31st. Little did I know, I was leaving behind all life and civilization, and it would be over a /week/ before I would have internet access again. We packed the U-Haul completely full, then my van and my mother’s car, too. I folded down the seats in my car so my mother had to take one of the Heathens in hers. One was supposed to ride with my father in the U-Haul, but it was top-heavy and very windy, so that was nixed. (Actually, I suspect my father was terrified of having to spend long periods of time in an enclosed space with my son, who never really shuts up.)

Right before we leave that day, I had to put my beloved kitty down. I’d been putting it off for weeks. (Months.) But he was dying slowly, miserable, could hardly eat without yowling in pain, barely moved from his spot next to the food on the counter… it was past time, and there’s no vet in Chester to do it. So, my mother sent me and the kids out, and they had a vet come to the house to do the deed.

Well, Finnegan (the cat) was evidently Not Happy about this turn of events, and bit my mother hard when they pricked him. So we had to go to the ER to get antibiotics for my mother, who was in tears and even more upset than I was. This put off our leaving by several hours, and really screwed up the day for the worst.

But we left. And we made it to Tiny Town at around 9pm, and promptly collapsed into bed at Mom’s. The next day, we went to see the house. The kids were estatic. It’s huge. Twice as big as our old house. It has a giant yard. And a swingset. Which… is not fastened to the ground in any way, so the destructive little heathens tipped it open in no time. Let’s just say there is much less-enthusiastic swinging going on at home now.

The best part, though? They each get their own rooms. With doors. And they’re only two blocks from the city park! (Where, presumably the swingsets don’t fall over on top of you.) They’re reveling in their newfound freedom to come and go to the park as they desire.

My next chore, after unloading the U-Haul into the garage and sort of badgering my father to eventually get some beds set up and such, was getting a post office box. Tiny Town does not have curbside delivery of mail. You have to go to the post office and get a box. Well, apparently, you have to have proof of your address, and this was hard to get. I didn’t have anything with my address on it. Eventually, I managed to get a box, though, and now I can forward my mail properly to my new two-digit address. Before I moved, I had to get a new debit card, though, so I changed my address at my bank in person. I set it to my street address, because I couldn’t get a box number yet. Well. Let’s just say I got a nasty gram written on the envelope of my new debit card telling me to use my box number. Small-town BS, anyway.

Kids got enrolled at their new school, and began this week – yesterday, in fact. There was an Easter Break Friday and Monday, and I didn’t see much point in enrolling them to start Thursday for one day. So far, school is going well enough, though the first grade teacher assigns a CRAPTON of reading. I’m all for reading, but my god, two hours of homework for a first-grader is insane. Maybe it wouldn’t be two hours if my kid were a better reader, I don’t know. But she’s not. We’re talking reading three 300 word stories two to four times each every night. Tonight, she had 8 readings total – one story once, one story 3 times, one story 4 times. At fifteen minutes a reading, that’s two hours. Easy. IF she manages to read it in 15 minutes.

And it’s boring. VERY BORING. Reading the same bleeding story 4 times? Holy god, kill me now.

Speaking of god….

Tiny Town has a “Wednesday School” program where the kids, um, get released from actual school at 2:30 instead of 3:30, on Wednesdays, obviously, to go to “Wednesday School”, which is actually “church school”. The churches in town put on a program for kids. My kids… who are NOT being brought up with religion, get to stay at school until 3:30 in ‘study hall’. With four other kids. Total. Four freaking kids, and mine, left out of Wednesday School. I almost feel bad for them.

But seriously, what in the heck?! How does school get away with this?!? I know I went to “Tuesday School” – same thing, different day – but that was 30 years ago, almost! So, now my kids will be the weird ones who don’t go to church, or Wednesday School, along with being the adopted kids, two of which are not white.

My mother was even put on the spot for explaining it today. A lady in town runs the multi-denominational Wednesday School Program and was excited to have my kids in it. Except, you know, they’re NOT. And Mom was like: “Um. Well… you see… they don’t go to church.” And the lady didn’t leave it at that, oh no. She said: “Is it just /church/ she doesn’t like?” And Mom was like: “Um… no. She doesn’t believe in God.” (With shame, I’m sure.) And the lady was like:  “/Ohhh./ Well! I’ll pray for them!”

So, yes. My kids are gonna be ‘weird’, and my mother’s gonna have to deal with it.

But today, I got the Internet back, so life is cool once again!

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