Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was girl named Kate. She lived in a tiny town (we’ll call it Tiny Town) in the Frozen North (aka: northern Montana; aka: practically Canada; aka: the middle of nowhere). She left the state when she was 17 to see the wide world, and returned several years later with a vastly different outlook on life. After a few more years in Tiny Town, she left again for the city. This time, though, she stayed in Montana – she just moved Southwards, toward Civilization.

When she was little, Kate wanted to be a mother. She wanted to be a lot of other things too – the usual things, teacher, doctor, veterinarian (that idea went out the window after watching a vet stick his fingers up a dog’s rectum for reasons she can’t quite recall), famous singer (cue hysterical laughter here), famous pianist, computer programmer, and many other things through the years. But she always wanted to be a mother.

But she wanted to be a /foster/ mother. She decided early in life she didn’t want to marry. Everyone told her she would change her mind, but they didn’t realize that she was quite serious about this non-marriage thing. They told her she’d change her mind about wanting ‘her own’ children too, but she didn’t.

Once she moved into a home in the Big City in the South, she applied to become a foster mom. Several years and eleven children later, she became the proud mama of three beautiful and occasionally charming children.

Two months after the adoption was completed, decisions were made, and Kate began to make plans to move back ‘home’ to Tiny Town in the Frozen North, where the children could be close to their newly acquired relatives and hopefully avoid the dangers of being run over by a bus in the city.

Today, Mama Kate is three weeks from Moving Day, frantically packing and grieving the soon-to-be-loss of her much-loved City in the South. (Not to mention her Amazing Coworkers and Friends.) She has plans – Mama Kate always has plans, mind you – to open a little shop for computer work and miscellaneous stuff in Tiny Town, homeschool her eldest daughter, and hopefully remain somewhat Unfrozen sane throughout.

And this, ladies and gents, is where our story begins.


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